Episode 3: “Ohio v. Opioids” the History of the Opioid Crisis


Episode 3: “Ohio v. Opioids” Alex discusses the history of the opioid crisis with Ohio University professors, Berkeley Franz and Daniel Skinner. We discuss the causes and effects of the drug epidemic that has ravaged Ohio. From the late 1990s to present some 400,000 Americans have died as a result of a drug overdose and no state has suffered more than the Buckeye State.

Berkeley and Daniel discuss their book Not Far From Me: Stories of Opioids and Ohio (Ohio State University Press, 2019) and the devastating effects of the opioid crisis but also offer some reason for hope. Their book shares 53 gripping accounts by Ohioans at the center of the national epidemic. Shared through personal stories, poetry, interviews, and photos, these perspectives transcend typical one-dimensional portrayals of the crisis to offer a mosaic of how politics, religion, sports, economics, culture, race, and sexual orientation intersect in and around the epidemic. Buy the book at www.notfarfromme.org. 

Alex, Daniel and Berkeley look at the history of the epidemic from the over-proscribing of opioids by doctors and pharmaceutical companies like, Purdue Pharma to the influx of black tar heroin from Mexico and deadly fentanyl from China, which has sent fatalities skyrocketing across the US.  

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