Episode 4: “Jerrie Mock v. the World.” Click to hear the epic story of the 1st solo female flight around the globe


Ep. 4: “Jerrie Mock v. the World”. Alex travels to Newark, Ohio to discover the little known story of hometown girl and record-setting pilot, Jerrie Mock. Mock was the first female to ever fly solo around the world in 1964. We sit down with Mock’s sister, Susan Reid, and publisher Wendy Hollinger and pilot Dale Ratcliff to discuss Jerrie’s life and her epic journey, 

Known as “the Flying Housewife”, Alex and his guests follow Jerrie’s close calls, the competition with another female aviatrix and Jerrie’s triumph as the first woman to circumnavigate the Earth.  We follow her flight from Columbus, Ohio to all points around the world.  We also analyze the famous disappearance of Amelia Earhart during her attempt to be the first to fly around the Globe in 1937. 

Susan Reid, Mock’s sister, shares her 1st hand experience of Mock’s trip. Wendy Hollinger and Dale Ratcliff discuss their re-issuance of Mock’s autobiography, Three Eight Charlie and getting to know Jerrie in her later years. Buy Three Eight Charlie here: https://38charlie.com.

The interviews were conducted at the Works: Ohio Center for History, Art and Technology in Downtown Newark, Ohio. Visit the museum at https://attheworks.org and check out the replica of Jerrie’s plane, statue and permanent exhibit at the Works.

Rate and review the show and we might read your review on the air for our next show. Our beer for the episode Altura, from our friends at Endeavor Brewing Company. Check out that latin lager and their other beers from around the world at www.endeavorbrewing.com

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