John Glenn, American Hero: Click to listen to Ep. 2: “John Glenn v. the World”


Episode 2: “John Glenn v. the World” Alex interviews 4 guests about one of the greatest Ohioans of all-time, Senator John Glenn from New Concord, Ohio. From the Great Depression, to World War II, the Korean War, the Space Race, a serious run for the presidency in 1984, nearly a quarter of a century in the U.S. Senate, and a return to space in the 1990s we follow the life of the amazing Col. John Glenn (1921-2016) during the American Century. 

Alex is joined by Kyle Eberly, professor and former Exec. Director of the John and Annie Glenn Museum (, historian and podcast host Bruce Carlson from “My History Can Beat Up Your Politics” to discuss Glenn’s failed 1984 presidential run (, Trevor Brown, the Director of the Glenn College of Public Affairs and Herb Asher, author, professor and political commentator, both from The Ohio State University.  These 4 distinguished guests help us span 95 years of American history with the life of John and Annie Glenn. 

Be sure to listen Bruce Carlson’s podcast My History Can Beat Up Your Politics and his recent episode about the 1984 Democratic Presidential Primary and its similarities to the 2020 Democratic Presidential field and John Glenn’s failed candidacy. ( 

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