Episode 7 Rocks!! Listen to “Ohio v. Rock n Roll” HERE!


Episode 7: “Ohio v. Rock n’ Roll” Alex interviews 4 guests about the history of rock n’ roll in Ohio. We sit down with Jerry Depizzo, of the band OAR, to discuss the birth of rock n’ roll in Cleveland, OH and famous DJ Alan Freed (5:00). We look at the tragic concert by the Who in Cincinnati, OH in 1979 where 11 concertgoers were killed trying to get into Riverfront Coliseum. Our guest, Ross Wagner, was at that show at age 15 (27:30). Vince Tornero, of In The Record Store podcast (www.intherecordstore.com) joins us to discuss the shooting of Dimebag Darrell of Pantera in Columbus in 2004 and his show and magazine dedicated to Ohio music (41:15). We look at the career and state of rock n’ roll radio with CD 102.5’s Randy Malloy. We interview Randy about his journey through the music industry and the independent  radio station’s story. Check out his YouTube channel, Randsanity (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmQZ42lytcv191ywE9uyMOg) (57:00). Lastly, we talk to Jerry again about OAR’s rise to the top of music world from frat parties at the Ohio State University to sold out shows at Madison Square Garden. (1:17:30). Rate and review the show and email us at ohiovtheworld@gmail.com with show ideas.

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