Episode 8 is here!! Click to hear “Ohio v. Celebrity” the rise and fall of Kate Chase


Episode 8: “Ohio v. Celebrity” (Kate Chase) Alex and author John Oller sit down again to discuss perhaps America’s first celebrity, Cincinnati’s Kate Chase. They discuss the Civil War-era “belle of the north” and her decades in the public spotlight during the Gilded Age. Alex discusses John’s 2014 book, American Queen, about the beautiful and well-educated Kate Chase (buy the book HERE). We look at her years in Cincy, Columbus and her fascinating life in our nation’s capital, where she was known as “Mrs. Lincoln’s Rival.” Appearances by Abraham and Mary Lincoln, James Garfield, her father Salmon P. Chase and her rocky marriage to Senator William Sprague. Enjoy this little-known story of one Ohio woman’s rise to American royalty and her ultimate fall from grace. Rate/review the show on iTunes and email us your thoughts at ohiovtheworld@gmail.com.

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