New Episode!! “Ohio v. the White Man” (TECUMSEH) The amazing Shawnee leader’s life and crazy times LISTEN HERE


Ep. 6: “Ohio v. the White Man” (Tecumseh). Alex discusses the heroic life and times of the famous Shawnee Indian Chief, Tecumseh. We sit down with Brady Crytzer, professor, author, TV and podcast host of Battlefield Pennsylvania and WarTime: A History Podcast. (check out WarTime at or iTunes).  We travel back to the Ohio Country and talk about life on the dangerous frontier of the new United States of America at the turn of the 19th century. We meet Tecumseh’s brother, the Prophet, and his nemesis, William Henry Harrison. Brady walks us through the Shawnee chief’s many wars, faulty land deals, triumphs, failures and ultimately Tecumseh’s death in the War of 1812.  We discover just how close Tecumseh was to carving out an independent pan-Indian nation of his own located in the Midwest US. Rate/review the show on iTunes and/or email us at or the visit the show’s website

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