O-H-I-O! Ohio v. the World Podcast featured in ESPN.com story about Ohio State football and its fanbase

CLICK to READ ESPN.COM article about Ohio State vs. the World

Ohio v. the World Podcast and its host Alex Hastie were interviewed for a feature article by ESPN called “Ohio State vs. the World: How the Buckeyes and Their Fans Feed Off Perceived Slights” by Ryan McGee, senior college football writer on ESPN.com. It’s great national press for the show and it’s even sweeter after Ohio State’s convincing 49-28 rout of Clemson in the College Football Playoff. Click above to check out the article and read the relevant sections below.

It’s pride, pure and simple. There is something about this land that it just becomes a part of who you are, so you are going to love it and you are going to defend it if you feel like it’s being disrespected by someone outside of Ohio,” explains Columbus attorney Alex Hastie, producer and host of the “Ohio V. The World” history podcast.

How deep do Hastie’s Buckeyes roots run? His great uncle, Wilmer Isabel, scored the first-ever touchdown in Ohio Stadium on Oct. 14, 1922.”I think Ohio is unique among what some call ‘flyover country’ because of the people who have come from here and everything this state has contributed to the world. And that goes way back,” Hastie explained. “This was the original California. People settled here when they were moving through other places in this region. It was like, ‘OK, Jebediah, it’s time to keep moving out west,’ but he said, ‘Nah, you know what? I’m good here. There’s just something about this place.’ That’s the root of what I think is a real sense of pride. That’s where that ‘circling of the wagons’ you speak of, that’s where that comes from.”

“Ohio V. The World” isn’t just the name of a podcast. It’s a phrase that has been defiantly worn on clothing and waved from flags throughout the Buckeye State for years.

CLICK to READ ESPN.COM article about Ohio State vs. the World

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