Bonus Episode: “Ohio v. the Presidency” interview with 610am WTVN radio


Bonus Episode: Ohio v the Presidency. Alex sits down with Vince Tornero the host of “This is Wessler Media” on 610am WTVN in Columbus, Ohio. Alex discusses Ohio’s 8 presidents and how their terms in office show that history really does repeat itself.

This interview aired back on October 31, 2020 and serves as a great recap for Season 5 on Ohio and the Presidency. Special thanks to Vince and the team at Wessler Media. If you’re looking to do a podcast of your own give Vince a shout.

Thanks for listening this season. Go back and check out Season 5 about Ohio and the Presidency, our favorite season of the show thus far. We’ll be back with Season 6 in March 2021.

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