Episode 15: “Ohio v. Punishment” our LIVE Season 2 Finale is here! Click to listen.


Episode 15: “Ohio v. Punishment” (The Caning of Michael Fay) LIVE!!! It’s the Season Two finale and it’s our 1st live show. We chat with comedian Mark Lucas at the Columbus Podcast Festival live from the historic Garden Theatre. We’ll discuss the May 1994 caning of Michael Fay in Singapore for his alleged vandalism crimes. We analyze how this barbaric punishment of the 18 year-old Ohioan becomes an international diplomatic crisis. We try to figure out why the American public supported the extreme punishment of the Kettering, OH teen and why President Clinton attempted and failed to get clemency for Fay. Follow us on our new Twitter page @ohiovtheworld and stay in touch this summer by email ohiovtheworld@gmail.com, on Facebook and Instagram and we’ll see you all in October 2017 for Season 3!!!!!

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