Episode 14: Ohio v. Peace is OUT now! Click hear to listen to how Dayton, OH ended a war


Episode 14: “Ohio v. Peace” (Dayton Peace Accords/Bosnian War) Alex tackles the complicated Bosnian War of the 1990s and the peace conference in Dayton, OH that finally brought war to an end in the former Yugoslavia. Alex is joined by OSU Professor of Eastern European history, Theodora Dragostinova, to break down how Ohio ended a war that cost the lives of over 100,000 people. We analyze the turbulent 20th century in the former Yugoslavia, ethnic cleansing and the Dayton Peace Accords at Wright Patterson Air Force Base. GIS specialist, Erick Lobao joins the show to discuss the role of digital mapping in helping the Dayton Peace Accords to cross the finish line (56:30). Only one show left in Season Two! Join us May 13th for the LIVE season finale at the Columbus Podcast Festival, buy your tickets here. www.columbuspodcastfestival.com

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