Season 7 Premiere: The Manhattan Project Spy That Got Away

Ep. 1: “Ohio v. Russia” CLICK HEAR to PLAY

In the Season 7 premiere episode, Alex tells the story of George Koval, the Manhattan Project spy that got away. We’re joined by author Ann Hagedorn to discuss her excellent book, Sleeper Agent (Simon & Schuster, 2021) about Koval’s journey from normal Midwestern kid to celebrated Russian spy that brought the atom bomb to the Soviet Union. Click the link below to purchase Sleeper Agent. 

We detail the Manhattan Project from the discovery of nuclear fission to Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August 1945. We sit down with Ray Smith the historian at Oak Ridge to discuss the atom bomb project and the secrecy of this massive operation. Our episode journeys to Dayton, Ohio to discuss the Dayton Project and the Buckeye State’s role in the Manhattan Project. 

Buy Ann Hagedorn’s best selling book Sleeper Agent here:

Ann’s tireless research has uncovered this previously little known story of the Russian spy with the most access to the most secretive US government project of the 20th Century. The role of George Koval in his work on the bomb at Oak Ridge and Dayton has only recently come to light following Vladimir Putin’s giving him the Hero of the Russian Federation award. We also find out why Koval made the ultimate sleeper agent and how he was able to get away back to the Soviet Union. 

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