Remembering America’s Most Forgotten War


In the wake of the chaotic end to the War in Afghanistan, Alex & Co. revisit America’s first Asian counterinsurgency war, the Philippine-American War (1899-1902). America’s quest for empire is met with stiff resistance on the Philippine Islands as well as on the homefront. We follow the bloody conflict and political upheaval through the decisions and careers of President William McKinley of Canton, Ohio and two future presidents, Theodore Roosevelt and Cincinnati’s William Howard Taft.

We’re joined by historian and podcast host Richard Lim from the fellow Evergreen Podcast Network show, This American President. Richard discusses the US Navy and Admiral Dewey’s smashing victory at Manila Bay in 1898 as part of the Spanish-American War. This American President, one of our favorite US history pods, has a two-part episode on the Span-Am War and the perils of American imperialism entitled “Will and Ted’s Excellent Adventure” click here to listen.

Author Gregg Jones, an Asian history expert and author of Honor in the Dust: Theodore Roosevelt, War in the Philippines and the Rise and Fall of America’s Imperial Dream, joins the show to discuss America’s most forgotten war. The Philippine rebel leader Emilio Aguinaldo, President Roosevelt and the famous Ohioans at the center of the war including Gen. Fred Funston and General Jacob H. Smith are discussed in depth. Gregg shares his excellent book from 2012 and the political consequences of US military misconduct at the turn of the century. Buy Honor in the Dust here…

Cornell University professor and author David Silbey sits down to discuss the guerrilla war and counterinsurgency strategy that defines the Philippine-American War. Professor Silbey the author of two great books about the epic Battle of Manila and the Philippine American War, details the similarities between this conflict and our recent wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Buy David’s newest book, The Other Face of Battle here.

Lastly, Erik Archilla, writer/creator on 2 of 2020’s most popular history podcasts, Wicked Game: American Elections and 1865 Podcast rejoins the program. Erik comes on to discuss the explosion of the USS Maine and how it sparks war with the Spanish Empire in 1898. Erik shares the popular dissent movement known as the Anti-Imperialist League and the debate on the homefront about America’s occupation of the Philippines and expansionist policies of William McKinley and Theodore Roosevelt. Erik and Alex discuss the similarities between the Philippine-American War and the War on Terror and the Iraq War 100 years later. Check out American Elections: Wicked Game and this episode written by Erik about the Election of 1900 (click to listen).

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