Ohio v. the World’s Ep. 12: “Ohio v. First Ladies” Out Now!


Episode 12: Ohio v. First Ladies. Alex travels to Canton to the National First Ladies and Historic Site to speak with President and CEO Jennifer Highfield about Ohio’s 1st Ladies. We look at all 8 spouses of Ohio’s presidents and the evolution of the role of the First Lady.  Visit the museum and library at www.firstladies.org in downtown Canton. Jennie shares the stories of Canton’s own Ida Saxton McKinley and Ohio’s last first lady, Florence Harding

Alex is joined by author and historian Cormac O’Brien to discuss his fun and informative book, The Secret Lives of the First Ladies.  Cormac leads our discussion on the fascinating Nellie Herron Taft and her life that seemed destined to live in the White House. Cormac also highlights the trailblazing Caroline Harrison and her tragic death in the White House in 1892. Buy Cormac’s awesome book here:  http://www.cormachobrien.com/secret_lives_of_the_first_ladies__strange_stories_and_shocking_trivia_from_inside_.htm

We also discuss Ohio’s other First Ladies: Lucretia Garfield, Anna Harrison, Lucy Hayes and the wife of an Ohio President, Julia Grant and her awkward dinner with Queen Victoria in London. Many guests from earlier in the season join us to share stories about Ohio’s First Ladies in our penultimate episode of Season 5: Ohio and the Presidency. Don’t forget to email the show at ohiovtheworld@gmail.com and rate and review us on iTunes. 

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