Click to hear Ep. 7: Ohio v. the Contenders. How 4 Ohioans tried and failed to be President


Episode 7: Ohio v. the Contenders. Alex catches “presidential fever” with 4 Ohioans who attempted to capture the highest office in the land. We sit down with the co-creators of “1865”, Steven Walters and Erik Archilla, to discuss the presidency and impeachment of Andrew Johnson. We discuss their 1865 Podcast, the impeachment of Andrew Johnson and the near presidency of Ohioan Benjamin Wade. Listen to 1865 here, my favorite podcast from 2019.

Erik and Steven discuss their excellent show and answer the question: why is Andrew Johnson our worst President ever? Bruce Carlson from the excellent “My History Can Beat Up Your Politics” podcast rejoins the show to discuss Senator Ben Wade. We discuss how close Sen. Wade came to becoming the 18th President of the United States. 

Alex also revisits the story of the first woman to run for President, Victoria Woodhull. Woodhull, from Homer, Ohio, is what Alex calls “the most interesting woman in the world.” We follow Woodhull’s brief time in the woman’s suffrage movement, her run as the presidential candidate of the Equal Rights Party in the 1872 Election and her arrest just days before that election. We replay our interview with Lisa Wood from the Ohio History Connection. 

Alex also discusses two more modern contenders: John Glenn in 1984 and John Kasich in 2016. Bruce rejoins us to discuss Glenn’s failed run at the Democratic nomination and the similarities between the crowded ’84 field and the two dozen Democratic candidates in 2020. Political analyst Kyle Kondik joins the show again to discuss the failed presidential campaign of Ohio Governor John Kasich in 2016. We look at the crazy 2016 Republican primary campaign and Kasich’s attempted run as the moderate Republican candidate vs. Donald Trump. 

Stop what you’re doing and go listen to the 1865 Podcast from our guests Steven Walter and Erik Archilla. It’s my favorite history podcast from 2019 hands down. Also check out their great new show, American Election: Wicked Game. They breakdown the drama and the politics surrounding every US presidential election.

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