Season 5 Premiere Date Announced: Sunday May 10th!

Ohio v. the World is back! Season 5: Ohio v. Presidency will launch with a two-part episode, “William McKinley v. the World” on Sunday May 10th! Thirteen episodes are planned every other Sunday.

Season 5 of “Ohio v. The World”: Ohio and the Presidency, Launches May 10th


COLUMBUS, OH— The world’s only Ohio history podcast, “Ohio v. the World”, will launch its fifth season of the show on May 10, 2020. The entire season will focus on the eight U.S. Presidents from the Buckeye State and presidential history from Ohio, with multiple bestselling authors and historians joining the show as guests.

Ohio v. the World, the 2019 Columbus Podcast Award winner, returns to do a deep dive into the eight Ohioans who lived in the White House and episodes about all of the conventions, debates, campaigns, failed candidates and the First Ladies from Ohio. The state of Ohio is known as the “Mother of Presidents”, tied with Virginia having produced 8 chief executives.

The show airs every other Sunday beginning on May 10th with the episode, “William McKinley v. The World.” McKinley is one of four Ohio presidents to die in office, along with James Garfield, William Henry Harrison and Warren Harding. Season 5 of Ohio v. the World will also share the lives and presidencies of William H. Taft, Ulysses Grant, Benjamin Harrison and Rutherford B. Hayes.

Bestselling historians joining the show in Season 5 include: Candice Millard (Destiny of the Republican), Dr. Ronald White (American Ulysses), Robert Merry (President McKin- ley), and Ron Shafer (The Carnival Campaign), among others.

“This will be our best season ever. The health crisis has had one upside and that’s all these big names in American history being available to join the show. Ohio has pro- duced some exceptional Presidents and this year we’ll shine a light on some of histories most forgotten U.S. Presidents and show that most of them are very underrated in the presidential rankings”, said Alex Hastie, producer and host.

Producer and Host Alex Hastie is an Ohio historian, attorney and Mr. Hastie is on the Board of Trustees with the Ohio History Connection in Columbus, Ohio.

Contact Alex at or call 614.557.9639 for interviews. For more information visit Download the podcast on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play or Spotify.

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