It’s Women’s History Month! All of Ohio v. the World’s episodes on Women’s History are in one spot to binge

It’s Women’s History Month 2020. Ohio v. the World has several episodes on the most important women in Ohio’s 200+ year history. All the links are below. Click the link to enjoy.

  1. “Ohio v. Abolitionists”: the story of Harriet Beecher Stowe is discussed. The author and abolitionist that ignited the country’s hatred of slavery with her best-selling book, Uncle Tom’s Cabin (1852). CLICK TO LISTEN 
  2. “Ohio v. the Patriarchy”: we share the little-known story of Madeline Pollard, the woman who brought down a presidential candidate by telling the truth in the 1890s. This was we believe the first court case of the MeToo Movement just 125 years before the movement. CLICK TO LISTEN
  3. “Jerrie Mock v. the World”: the incredible story of “the Flying Housewife”, Jerrie Mock of Bexley, OH. Mrs. Mock became the 1st woman to fly solo around the world in 1964. CLICK TO LISTEN
  4. “Ohio v. Suffrage”: Our comprehensive look at the women’s suffrage movement in Ohio and nationally on this 100th anniversary of the women’s vote. CLICK TO LISTEN
  5. “Ohio v. Celebrity”: America’s first celebrity that was just famous for being famous, Ohio’s own Kate Chase. We discuss the life and times of the “Belle of the Civil War North”. CLICK TO LISTEN
  6. “Ohio v. Espionage”: the top codebreaker in US Navy before WWII was a woman from Westerville, Ohio. Enjoy the story of Agnes Meyer Driscoll. CLICK TO LISTEN
  7. “Ohio v. the Wild West”: the story of one of the most famous females from the Buckeye State, Annie Oakley of Darke County, OH. CLICK TO LISTEN

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