Episode 11: “Ohio v. Water” CLICK to LISTEN


Episode 11: “Ohio v. Water” (Mark Hanna). Alex discovers the important life and even more important death of Cleveland’s Mark Hanna. The political kingmaker’s rise to the top of American politics is analyzed with Case Western Reserve Univ. professor, John Grabowski. We also discuss the dangerous history of drinking water in the United States and how Hanna’s death in 1904 led to a comprehensive change and improvement in water treatment known as the “Great Columbus Experiment.” We talk about water with author and former Columbus Dept. of Water manager, Conrade Hinds and his excellent book, “The Great Columbus Experiment of 1908: Waterworks That Changed the World.” 

Click link to purchase. https://www.arcadiapublishing.com/9781609497798/The-Great-Columbus-Experiment-of-1908-Waterworks-that-Changed-the-World

Alex travels to Case Western to learn about Mark Hanna’s meteoric rise from middle class everyman to Gilded Age robber baron and his ultimate ascension to the top of the political world through his support of Ohio’s leading politicians. John and Alex discuss Hanna’s invaluable campaign managing of Ohio legends: James Garfield, John Sherman and William McKinley. His role in McKinley’s famous 1896 presidential victory is discussed and how it made the most powerful man in not just Ohio but Washington DC as well. 

Conrade Hinds leads us through the history of drinking water in the US in the 19th Century. We discuss how Hanna’s untimely death was blamed on an illness caused by Columbus’ tainted water supply. Hinds shows us how Hanna’s death helped to spark a giant civic effort in Columbus to transform and modernize their water treatment process. This “experiment” would become the model of the world and it’s Mark Hanna’s shocking death the helped to change the world forever. The future of water is also discussed in the ever-changing 21st Century. 

Rate and review the show and don’t forget to email us at ohiovtheworld@gmail.com with thoughts and show ideas. Only one episode left in Season 4! Buy Conrade’s book and get a much deeper dive into how Columbus’ water changed the world. https://www.arcadiapublishing.com/9781609497798/The-Great-Columbus-Experiment-of-1908-Waterworks-that-Changed-the-World

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