Episode 9: “Ohio v. Annexation” is here! Click to listen


Episode 9: “Ohio v. Annexation” (Hawaii). Mele kalikimaka and happy holidays! Alex journeys to the Aloha State to discover the story of the overthrow of the Hawaii Kingdom in the 1890s by a group of mostly American businessmen.  We sit down with Australian author and historian, Stephen Dando-Collins, to discuss his book Taking Hawaii: How 13 Honolulu Businessmen Overthrew the Queen of Hawaii in 1893, With A Bluff. Purchase this awesome book here:


Alex follows the life of one of those 13 businessmen from the “Committee of Safety” that led the coup of the Hawaiian kingdom, Cincinnati, Ohio’s own, John Emmuluth. Our story tracks the history from the arrival of American missionaries in 1820 to the eventual annexation of Hawaii in 1898 and its later addition to become the 50th state in 1959. Stephen Dando-Collins leads us through the “bluff” pulled off by Emmuluth and his co-conspirators to dethrone Queen Liliuokalani on January 17, 1893 in a mostly bloodless coup. 

“Ohio v. Annexation” analyzes the rise of American business interests and the political machinations of these sugar barons and business elites into taking over Hawaii for their own political and financial gain. This was only possible with the help of the American ambassador and military stationed just offshore. Thanks to Stephen for his help in explaining this convoluted and tragic story during the US’ imperial past. 

Buy Stephen’s excellent book Taking Hawaii here: https://www.amazon.com/Taking-Hawaii-Thirteen-Businessmen-Overthrew/dp/B00RYB6WWS

Also, his new book is available and I’m throughly enjoying it, Caligula: The Mad Emperor of Rome. Link here: https://www.amazon.com/Caligula-Emperor-Rome-Stephen-Dando-Collins/dp/1684422868

Special thanks to Matt Crumpton for his assistance on the original music used for this episode and don’t forget to email the show at ohiovtheworld@gmail.com with show ideas comments, etc. Also rate and review the show and we will read it on air. Happy New Year…see you all in the Twenties. 

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