Episode 9: “James Traficant v. the World” is OUT NOW. Click to hear the story of the “Congressman of Crimetown”


Episode 9: “James Traficant v. the World” Alex interviews LA filmmaker Eric Murphy about Rep. Jim Traficant of Youngstown, Ohio,  the subject of his excellent 2016 documentary, “Traficant: Congressman of Crimetown”. Buy or rent it on Vimeo (https://vimeo.com/ondemand/traficant). Stop what you’re doing and watch this movie.  We follow the rise and fall of Youngstown’s hero, Jim Traficant, from his high school days at Cardinal Mooney, his controversial years as Sheriff of Mahoning County through his 9 terms and eventual expulsion from the U.S. House of Representatives. Traficant’s journey takes us from the crime-ridden 1970s and 80s in Ytown into the 21st Century. 

We discuss the Traficant’s relationship with the Cleveland and Pittsburgh maifa, his unfiltered style on the floor of the US Capitol and when he beat the federal government’s case against him for bribery and racketeering in 1983…when he represented himself in his RICO case in federal court. Eric takes us on Traficant’s wild ride from folk hero of the Mahoning Valley to Capitol Hill maverick to federal prison inmate. 

Alex is also joined by Youngstown native and owner of the official Food Truck of Ohio v. The World, Robert Delliquadri, as we discuss his food truck, the Meatball Mafia (www.themeatballmafia.com) and growing up in Traficant’s Youngstown in the ‘80s and ‘90s. (38;00)

Editor Bill Eichenberger of the Echoes Magazine stops by to talk about Ohio’s only Ohio History magazine. Echoes is only available to members of the Ohio History Connection JOIN TODAY (www.ohiohistory.org/join). (27:30)

Rate and review the show. Check us out NOW on SPOTIFY. And seriously, click here to rent Eric Murphy’s critically-acclaimed documentary “Traficant: Congressman of Crimetown” for ONLY $1.99. (https://vimeo.com/ondemand/traficant). Ohio v the World is supported by GoBus go to www.ridegobus.com for more info. 

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