Episode 4 “Ohio v. Civil War” is out! Click here to listen to the story of Edwin Stanton


Episode 4: Ohio v. Civil War (Edwin Stanton). Alex speaks with author Walter Stahr (www.walterstahr.com) about his acclaimed 2017 book Stanton: Lincoln’s War Secretary and the life of Stubenville, Ohio’s Edwin Stanton. Stanton, was the Secretary of War during the U.S. Civil War and a member of President Abraham Lincoln’s “Team of Rivals.” Stahr walks us through Stanton’s rise from a poor teen in Eastern Ohio to the savior of the Union Army. We look at his rapid rise as a lawyer in the Buckeye State to become Attorney General of the US under President Buchanan. 

Cliff Eckle from the Ohio History Connection joins us to talk about the extensive collections at the Ohio History Center and Stanton’s transformative years at the War Department. (28:00) Don’t forget to donate to the Ohio History Connection on Giving Tuesday, November 27th, click on www.ohiohistory.org to give!  Join us as we see the Civil War through the eyes of the workaholic Stanton and we’re bedside for the tragic death of President Lincoln. Walter Stahr guides us through the famous manhunt for Lincoln’s killer and his co-conspirators and why Secretary Stanton was the cause of the impeachment of President Andrew Johnson. Buy Walter Stahr’s book for the holidays (https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01MQFGW3M/ref=dp-kindle-redirect?_encoding=UTF8&btkr=1 ). 

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