Episode 2: Ohio v. Bootlegging is out! CLICK to hear the story of George Remus, “the King of the Bootleggers” during Prohibition


Episode 2: “Ohio v. Bootlegging” (George Remus) Alex travels to Cincinnati to meet with 3 historians from the Price Hill Historical Society about the “King of the Bootleggers”, George Remus. We follow his rise from a German immigrant to a high-powered lawyer in Chicago to becoming the most successful bootlegger of the Prohibition Era in the United States. We discuss 1920s Cincinnati, Remus’ business, life, love and ultimate fall with Joyce Meyer, Julie Hotchkiss and Mark Plageman.

We also travel to Municipal Brew Works in downtown Hamilton, Ohio to try some great beers with owner Jim Goodman and we discuss not just their brewery but also the effect of prohibition on Hamilton, OH. (22:00) https://www.facebook.com/municipalbrewworks/ Our Ohio History Connection Minute features Stephen George, Special Advisor to the CEO. Mr. George talks about his central role in the bicentennial barn project in all 88 Ohio counties and his admiration for the Harding Administration. Join the OHC and support Ohio’s awesome history. https://www.ohiohistory.org/join. (40:00)

Step back into the Roaring Twenties with us to discuss Remus’ rise to power and later incarceration. We detail Cincinnati’s “trial of the century” when Remus goes on trial for the murder of his wife, Imogene Holmes in 1927. We also confirm that George Remus was the motivation for F. Scott Fitzgerald’s, Jay Gatsby, in The Great Gatsby.

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