Episode 4 is dropped and its a 2-part true crime episode. Click to listen to “Ohio v. Murder 2.0”



Season 2, Episode 4 “Ohio v. Murder 2.0 (Part One)” (Christie Mullins) Alex delves into an infamous murder from Ohio’s history, the murder of 14 year old Columbus girl, Christie Mullins in 1975. Alex interviews author John Oller about the murder and trial detailed in his eBook “All American Murder” (2014). We look at the brutal crime, quick arrest and a dubious confession in the summer of 1975 that shook the Clintonville neighborhood. We look at the trial of Jack Carmen, a slew of suspects and the bungled police investigation with Oller and Mary Mendicino, a fellow student and friend of the murder victim. This is Part 1, don’t forget to check out Part 2 of “Ohio v. Murder 2.0”. Rate and review the show!

Season 2, Episode 4 “Ohio v. Murder 2.0 (Part Two)” (Christie Mullins) In Season 2’s true crime episode, Alex interviews author John Oller about how his book and his own investigation solved the cold case murder of Christie Mullins. We speak with Mary Mendicino about how the investigation of her friend’s murder warms up after being a cold case for nearly 40 years.  We look at a modern investigation of a 1970s crime and how our guest helped to crack the case open.

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