CLICK HERE to listen to Season 1 Finale! Episode 15: “Ohio v. Hollywood” Click to listen


Episode 15: “Ohio v. Hollywood” (Jack Warner). In the Season 1 Finale, Alex sits down with rock star and amateur historian, Jerry DePizzo, of the band OAR to discuss his hometown of Youngstown, OH in the early 20th century and its native sons, the Warner Brothers. We discuss the WB’s role in changing the movies forever. Alex and Jerry look at the amazing career of Jack Warner, the golden age of  American film and how Y-Town plays a role in the youth and adult life of one of the original Kings of Hollywood.  We discuss the massive immigration and growing pains in the Mahoning Valley at the turn of the century when both the Warner’s and the DePizzo emigrate to Ohio. We have awesome t-shirts for sale, check the Facebook, Instagram (@ohiovtheworldpodcast) and website to see how cool they look. Email us at to order some shirts, just let us know what sizes you want.

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