All of our Beers of the Episode

Every episode we have an Ohio beer while we record. This state has incredible craft beer and we celebrate it every episode. Here’s the beers we’ve used so far:

Top Row:
17th State Pale Ale,(American Pale Ale) 17th State Brewing  Co., Cleveland, OH.
Commodore Perry, (English IPA) Great Lakes Brewing Co., Cleveland, OH
10-Ton Oatmeal Stout, Warped Wing Brewing Co., Dayton, OH
Middle Row:
Corbin’s Revenge, (Ohio IPA) Temperance Row Brewing Co., Westerville, OH
Berzerker, (Belgian IPA) Zauber Brewing Co., Grandview Heights, OH
Mystic Mama, (Western IPA) Jackie O’s Brewing Co., Athens, OH
Oval Beach, (Belgian Blonde) The Land Grant Brewing Company, Columbus, OH
Bottom Row:
Lawlessness, (American Porter), Platform Beer Co., Cleveland and Columbus, OH
Cardinal Crusher (American Pilsner), Linage Brewing, Columbus, OH
Truth, (IPA), Rheingeist Brewing, Cincinnati, OH
Ceremonial, (Session IPA), Burial Beer Co., Asheville, NC





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