I like reading!! Here’s a list of our first 8 book recommendations and a live version of our song, “I Like Reading” (feat. Jon Elliott)

  1. Episode 1, Ohio v. the Nixon Administration: 67 Shots, Howard Means (2015)
  2. Episode 2, Ohio v. the Electoral College: The Bellwether: Why Ohio Picks the President, Kyle Kondik (2016)
  3. Episode 3, Ohio v Booze: Last Call, Daniel Okrent (2010)
  4. Episode 4, Ohio v. the British Empire: The Naval War of 1812, Theodore Roosevelt (1882)
  5. Episode 5: Ohio v. Death: Enduring Courage, John Ross (2014)
  6. Episode 6: Ohio v. War: America’s War for the Greater Middle East, Andrew Bacevich (2016)
  7. Episode 7: Ohio v. Murder: Dr. Sam Sheppard on Trial, William Mason and Jack DeSario (2003)
  8. Episode 8: Ohio v. Flight:  The Wright Brothers, David McCullough (2015)

Read all of these books after listening to the podcast episode for a much more detailed understanding of each topic. Sorry to give you homework but these are some great books.

Want to see the live performance of Alex’s book recommendation song? Well, that’s weird, but here you go. Alex and Columbus singer/songwriter Jon Elliott of the Floorwalkers and Doc Robinson fame belt it out. An incredible job of backup singing by the audience at the Launch Party back at the end of March.  You’ll need to be on Instagram to see it and you should probably start following our ‘Gram page #ohiovtheworldpodcast too. Click the LINK if you can’t view it…ohiovtheworldpodcast

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