Episode 6: Ohio v. War

CLICK HERE to listen to OHIO v WAR (Episode 6)!! Episode 6: Ohio v. War…we’re back!! Alex is the host and guest for this episode focusing on America’s foreign policy in the 1990s. We go to a forgotten, historic event on Ohio State’s campus on Feb. 18, 1998 to find out how Ohio stopped a war. Alex takes you to a CNN International Town Hall TV event with Pres. Clinton’s cabinet broadcast live across the world as the U.S. prepared to bomb Saddam Hussein’s Iraq. The role of Central Ohioan protestors, Monica Lewinsky, and American’s failed foreign policy in the Middle East in helping Ohio to stop a war…for 10 months anyways. Email the show ohiovtheworld@gmail.com with thoughts and show ideas, let us know on our Facebook page if you were there on 2/18/98 when Ohio stopped another war w/ Iraq. CLICK HERE to listen to OHIO v WAR (Episode 6)!!


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