Season 5 Preview of Ohio v. the World is finally here—CLICK TO LISTEN


Season 5 Preview: We’ll preview Season 5 of Ohio v. the World with clips and sneak peaks of all 13 episodes for our election year season. We’re calling Season 5: “Ohio v. the Presidency.” From President Monroe to President Trump we’ll relive all the famous presidents and presidential moments from the history of the Buckeye State. 

Episode 1: William McKinley v. the World will premiere on Sunday May 10th. It’a two-part episode on our 25th President from Canton, Ohio. New episodes come out every other Sunday all the way up until Election Day 2020. 

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Season 5 Premiere Date Announced: Sunday May 10th!

Ohio v. the World is back! Season 5: Ohio v. Presidency will launch with a two-part episode, “William McKinley v. the World” on Sunday May 10th! Thirteen episodes are planned every other Sunday.

Season 5 of “Ohio v. The World”: Ohio and the Presidency, Launches May 10th


COLUMBUS, OH— The world’s only Ohio history podcast, “Ohio v. the World”, will launch its fifth season of the show on May 10, 2020. The entire season will focus on the eight U.S. Presidents from the Buckeye State and presidential history from Ohio, with multiple bestselling authors and historians joining the show as guests.

Ohio v. the World, the 2019 Columbus Podcast Award winner, returns to do a deep dive into the eight Ohioans who lived in the White House and episodes about all of the conventions, debates, campaigns, failed candidates and the First Ladies from Ohio. The state of Ohio is known as the “Mother of Presidents”, tied with Virginia having produced 8 chief executives.

The show airs every other Sunday beginning on May 10th with the episode, “William McKinley v. The World.” McKinley is one of four Ohio presidents to die in office, along with James Garfield, William Henry Harrison and Warren Harding. Season 5 of Ohio v. the World will also share the lives and presidencies of William H. Taft, Ulysses Grant, Benjamin Harrison and Rutherford B. Hayes.

Bestselling historians joining the show in Season 5 include: Candice Millard (Destiny of the Republican), Dr. Ronald White (American Ulysses), Robert Merry (President McKin- ley), and Ron Shafer (The Carnival Campaign), among others.

“This will be our best season ever. The health crisis has had one upside and that’s all these big names in American history being available to join the show. Ohio has pro- duced some exceptional Presidents and this year we’ll shine a light on some of histories most forgotten U.S. Presidents and show that most of them are very underrated in the presidential rankings”, said Alex Hastie, producer and host.

Producer and Host Alex Hastie is an Ohio historian, attorney and Mr. Hastie is on the Board of Trustees with the Ohio History Connection in Columbus, Ohio.

Contact Alex at or call 614.557.9639 for interviews. For more information visit Download the podcast on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play or Spotify.

Celebrate Siblings Day with Ohio’s best siblings: the Wright Bros! Listen to “Ohio v. Flight” from Season One


It’s Siblings Day! Are there more important siblings in human history than Dayton, OH’s Wright Brothers. Ohio, the birthplace of aviation, is home to some famous siblings but Orville and Wilbur take the cake.

Click the links and learn the largely unknown story of how two average, bicycle shop owners from Western Ohio changed the world.


It’s Women’s History Month! All of Ohio v. the World’s episodes on Women’s History are in one spot to binge

It’s Women’s History Month 2020. Ohio v. the World has several episodes on the most important women in Ohio’s 200+ year history. All the links are below. Click the link to enjoy.

  1. “Ohio v. Abolitionists”: the story of Harriet Beecher Stowe is discussed. The author and abolitionist that ignited the country’s hatred of slavery with her best-selling book, Uncle Tom’s Cabin (1852). CLICK TO LISTEN 
  2. “Ohio v. the Patriarchy”: we share the little-known story of Madeline Pollard, the woman who brought down a presidential candidate by telling the truth in the 1890s. This was we believe the first court case of the MeToo Movement just 125 years before the movement. CLICK TO LISTEN
  3. “Jerrie Mock v. the World”: the incredible story of “the Flying Housewife”, Jerrie Mock of Bexley, OH. Mrs. Mock became the 1st woman to fly solo around the world in 1964. CLICK TO LISTEN
  4. “Ohio v. Suffrage”: Our comprehensive look at the women’s suffrage movement in Ohio and nationally on this 100th anniversary of the women’s vote. CLICK TO LISTEN
  5. “Ohio v. Celebrity”: America’s first celebrity that was just famous for being famous, Ohio’s own Kate Chase. We discuss the life and times of the “Belle of the Civil War North”. CLICK TO LISTEN
  6. “Ohio v. Espionage”: the top codebreaker in US Navy before WWII was a woman from Westerville, Ohio. Enjoy the story of Agnes Meyer Driscoll. CLICK TO LISTEN
  7. “Ohio v. the Wild West”: the story of one of the most famous females from the Buckeye State, Annie Oakley of Darke County, OH. CLICK TO LISTEN

Click to hear Season 4 finale “Ohio v. Segregation”


Episode 12: Ohio v. Segregation (Tuskegee Airmen). Our Season 4 finale celebrates Black History Month 2020 by studying the trailblazing Tuskegee Airmen of World War II. Alex meets with Dr. Anthony Milburn and Warren Mott to discuss the segregation of the US military and the courage of the “Red Tails” as well as their years in the Buckeye State following the war. We learn how the Tuskegee Airmen’s service helped accelerate the long-stagnant civil rights movement.

Dr. Milburn, a professor of history and the chairman of the Humanities Dept. at Ohio’s Central State University in Wilberforce, Ohio shares the proud history of African American service in the military and the racism and discrimination faced by the pilots at Tuskegee. Alex and Dr. Milburn discuss the journey to full desegregation of the armed forces and the impact of the Harlem Hellfighters, Eleanor Roosevelt, William Hastie and the complicated roles of FDR and President Truman. 

Warren Mott, Director of Mott’s Military Museum in Groveport, Ohio, shares his favorite stories of the Tuskegee Airmen and his personal relationships with late Red Tails. A number of Tuskegee Airmen from Ohio are discussed as well as their years following the war stationed at Lockbourne Air Base in Central Ohio. Go visit Mott’s Military Museum, a true hidden gem of US military history.

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Episode 11: “Ohio v. Water” CLICK to LISTEN


Episode 11: “Ohio v. Water” (Mark Hanna). Alex discovers the important life and even more important death of Cleveland’s Mark Hanna. The political kingmaker’s rise to the top of American politics is analyzed with Case Western Reserve Univ. professor, John Grabowski. We also discuss the dangerous history of drinking water in the United States and how Hanna’s death in 1904 led to a comprehensive change and improvement in water treatment known as the “Great Columbus Experiment.” We talk about water with author and former Columbus Dept. of Water manager, Conrade Hinds and his excellent book, “The Great Columbus Experiment of 1908: Waterworks That Changed the World.” 

Click link to purchase.

Alex travels to Case Western to learn about Mark Hanna’s meteoric rise from middle class everyman to Gilded Age robber baron and his ultimate ascension to the top of the political world through his support of Ohio’s leading politicians. John and Alex discuss Hanna’s invaluable campaign managing of Ohio legends: James Garfield, John Sherman and William McKinley. His role in McKinley’s famous 1896 presidential victory is discussed and how it made the most powerful man in not just Ohio but Washington DC as well. 

Conrade Hinds leads us through the history of drinking water in the US in the 19th Century. We discuss how Hanna’s untimely death was blamed on an illness caused by Columbus’ tainted water supply. Hinds shows us how Hanna’s death helped to spark a giant civic effort in Columbus to transform and modernize their water treatment process. This “experiment” would become the model of the world and it’s Mark Hanna’s shocking death the helped to change the world forever. The future of water is also discussed in the ever-changing 21st Century. 

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New episode is out! Click to hear “Ohio v. the Copperheads”


Episode 10: “Ohio v. the Copperheads” (Clement Vallandigham). Alex talks with US Air Force Academy Professor of History, Jennifer Weber, about the copperhead political movement in the North during the Civil War. We travel back to the homefront in Ohio and the Midwest during the war and find out millions of Americans were against the war effort and President Lincoln. We discuss the life of leading Copperhead politician, Clement Vallandigham, from Dayton, Ohio and Jennifer Weber’s great book: Copperheads: the Rise and Fall of Lincoln’s Opponents in the North.

Alex and Jennifer analyze the rise of the Peace Democrats in American Civil War politics and their ultimate collapse after the fall of Atlanta and the 1864 re-election of Lincoln. Events such as the Emancipation Proclamation, the suspension of Habeas Corpus and the New York City Draft Riots are discussed as the Copperheads nearly ascend to the White House where they would surely sue for peace from the South. We follow the arrest, exile and eventual gubernatorial run of Vallandigham in the State of Ohio in 1863 and his ultimate banishment from the history books. 

We look at the misguided political movement of Copperheadism and come to realize just how close this country was to giving up on the Civil War and officially recognizing the Confederate States of America. We follow Clement Vallandigham from Capitol Hill to Mount Vernon, OH to behind Confederate lines to exile in Canada and back to Ohio and his death in Lebanon, Ohio in 1871. 

Special thanks to Jenny Weber and go buy this book! It’s ground-breaking and a real page turner.

Disclaimer: *Everything Jennifer discussed was her opinion and not the position of the US Air Force Academy or the Department of Defense*


Episode 9: “Ohio v. Annexation” is here! Click to listen


Episode 9: “Ohio v. Annexation” (Hawaii). Mele kalikimaka and happy holidays! Alex journeys to the Aloha State to discover the story of the overthrow of the Hawaii Kingdom in the 1890s by a group of mostly American businessmen.  We sit down with Australian author and historian, Stephen Dando-Collins, to discuss his book Taking Hawaii: How 13 Honolulu Businessmen Overthrew the Queen of Hawaii in 1893, With A Bluff. Purchase this awesome book here:\

Alex follows the life of one of those 13 businessmen from the “Committee of Safety” that led the coup of the Hawaiian kingdom, Cincinnati, Ohio’s own, John Emmuluth. Our story tracks the history from the arrival of American missionaries in 1820 to the eventual annexation of Hawaii in 1898 and its later addition to become the 50th state in 1959. Stephen Dando-Collins leads us through the “bluff” pulled off by Emmuluth and his co-conspirators to dethrone Queen Liliuokalani on January 17, 1893 in a mostly bloodless coup. 

“Ohio v. Annexation” analyzes the rise of American business interests and the political machinations of these sugar barons and business elites into taking over Hawaii for their own political and financial gain. This was only possible with the help of the American ambassador and military stationed just offshore. Thanks to Stephen for his help in explaining this convoluted and tragic story during the US’ imperial past. 

Buy Stephen’s excellent book Taking Hawaii here:

Also, his new book is available and I’m throughly enjoying it, Caligula: The Mad Emperor of Rome. Link here:

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Episode 8: Ohio v. Organized Crime is OUT NOW!!


Episode 8: “Ohio v. Organized Crime” (Black Hand Society). Alex meets up with co-authors William Oldfield and Victoria Bruce to discuss the first major Italian organized crime ring and their subsequent trial. This little-known piece of Ohio and American history is the story behind Bill and Vicki’s hit book Inspector Oldfield and the Black Hand Society (Simon & Schuster, 2018). Buy your copy of this best seller here.

This episode focuses on the life of Inspector Frank Oldfield, the great grandfather of our guest, William Oldfield. Oldfield reveals this 100 year old family story of his great grandpa’s investigation and the first conviction of a Sicilian/Italian organized crime family, known as the “Society of the Banana.” We discuss the massive influx of Italian immigrants to America at the turn of the 20th century and the impact of the criminal element of those immigrants to the difficult assimilation of Italian Americans. 

This story takes place in cities all over Ohio, big and small, such as: Columbus, Toledo, Marion, Bellefontaine, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Athens and Dennison, Ohio. We follow the investigation and trial of the Black Hand Society members and its leader Sam Lima of Marion, Ohio. We dive into the investigation of US Postal Inspector Frank Oldfield and his effort to take down this secretive criminal society in Ohio. This interesting story and great research is thanks to our guests’ amazing book, Inspector Oldfield and the Black Hand Society (Simon and Schuster, 2018).  

Buy the book here!

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Episode 7: “Ohio v. Abolitionists” is out now! Click to listen to the story of John Brown and Harriet Beecher Stowe


Episode 7: “Ohio v. Abolitionists” (John Brown/Harriet Beecher Stowe): Alex travels to Hudson, OH, Cincinnati and Harpers Ferry, WV in this in depth investigation of two of U.S.’s most most famous abolitionists, John Brown and Harriet Beecher Stowe. The abolition movement to end slavery in the mid-19th Century was the most important political and social movement of its time. We travel back to the turbulent decade of the 1850s to explore how Brown and Stowe changed millions of minds on the subject of slavery, one by the sword and one by the pen, respectively to help spark the Civil War.

Alex journeys to Hudson, Ohio the hometown of John Brown to meet with Gwendolyn Mayer of the Hudson Library and Historical Society. Alex and Gwen discuss Hudson’s long abolitionist history and the early years of John Brown. Gwen oversees one of the country’s largest collections of John Brown writings and artifacts.

We then travel to the Queen City of Cincinnati, Ohio to the Stowe House to meet with Christina Hartlieb, the Executive Director of the Stowe House Museum. We learn about the famous author and activist Harriet Beecher Stowe. Christina lays out how Harriet’s experience of living in Cincy lead her to write the classic novel Uncle Tom’s Cabin. Christina and Alex discuss the importance of that book and how it helped to accelerate the Civil War.

Lastly, we met with Dennis Frye, author and former Chief Historian at Harper’s Ferry National Park. Dennis describes in detail John Brown’s Raid on Harper’s Ferry in 1859. Frye, the author of Confluence: Harper’s Ferry as Destiny is a wealth of knowledge about Brown’s attempt to spark a Southern slave uprising. We follow Brown’s mission from Bleeding Kansas to his eventual martyrdom and his execution in Virgina following the failed raid. Buy his awesome book here:…rry-destiny

Join us in the 1850s as we discuss the roles of Harriet and John in the lead up to the Civil War. We’ll discuss the Fugitive Slave Act, the Kansas-Nebraska Act, the Caning of Sen. Charles Sumner, the Dred Scott decision, Brown’s relationship with Frederick Douglass and Harriet Tubman and ultimately the start of the Civil War.

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